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Quality and Safety
Working closely with and listening to our business contacts, and anxious to always give our clients added value, we are proactive in our approach to quality and in other areas. The question of quality is therefore as much an industrial issue as one of relations and services, which involve all our partners.
  • ISO 9001 Certification : our quality approach is centred on customer satisfaction. It involves company processes and production at our main establishment in their entirety. It guarantees continuous improvement and compliance with our commitments.
  • Quality service : working in close collaboration with suppliers and clients, it ensures that procedures are followed and that quality improves in all areas of the company. It controls production, hygiene and the safety of sites and personnel.
  • Hygiene and safety : Papiers Paviot has undertaken a HACCP approach to identify the risks and then implement the procedures which guarantee optimal hygiene and safety, which are crucial for production in the food industry. An independent body regularly carries out bacterial checks.
  • Staff safety : : in order to reduce workplace risks as far as possible, Papiers Paviot invests in equipment, information and instruction to avoid risky behaviour.
  • The next steps : ISO 9001 certification of our Auvergne impression subsidiary and continuous improvement in environmental areas.

For Papiers Paviot, quality resides above all in its teams and workforce.

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