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Human Resources
Papiers Paviot is a medium-sized family company which places people at the heart of its business. Since the value of a company and its success depend on the professional development of its staff, we are developing an HR policy based on skills, building on assignments and the quality of internal relations.

Our vlaues
Innovation, commitments, friendliness, customer satisfaction, ethics and progress. These values present a daily challenge for the management, which every member of staff must strive to put into practice in their work. They give a sense of our ambition and guide our actions.

Human Resource Management
The organisation and management mode used by Papiers Paviot aim to build on how-how and promote responsibility on the part of teams and individuals. All members of staff are monitored individually by supervisors who work closely with them, and are supported in their work and career path with the help of training programmes, information and appraisal meetings which enable us to take stock of objectives, the member of staff's needs and the quality of our relationship.
We implement an internal promotion policy based on equality of opportunity, emphasising proficiency and transferable skills.

Areas of business
Flexible paper packaging is a specialist business which calls for varied skills linked to R&D, production, quality, programming, planning, maintenance, logistics, marketing, exports, computer graphics, colorimetry and support roles such as management, accountancy and assistance for the various services.

Papiers Paviot tries to discern its future colleagues' motivation, qualities and professional attitude.
We regularly recruit in our different business areas.
To apply spontaneously, email :

We try to reply to all candidates.
ressources humaines
ressources humaines

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