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Health and the Environnement
The environment and health are obvious concerns when working with a natural, biodegradable and recyclable product like paper. We have always been active in four subfields of this area:

Packaging becomes a health issue when it comes into contact with food. The Papier Paviot research and development service is particularly attentive to questions of material migration between content and the container.

Wood issues : First of all it is necessary to restate the truth about the major received idea about paper manufacturing.

No! Paper manufacturing does not destroy forests!

99% of the raw materials for the world paper industry come from sustainably managed forests and the destruction of some forests, such as the Amazon, is not in the least bit caused by the paper industry. The basic raw materials used by paper pulp manufacturers are mainly constituted of forestry sub-products (crowns, thinning wood, coppice), sawmill sub-products (woodchips) and, in some countries, wood from industrial plantations (eucalyptus, acacia, pine).
It should be noted that in France the materials which make up paper pulp are mainly respectful of the environment because they are constituted of cellulose fibre. This fibre, which is a renewable natural material, comes from forest maintenance and sawmill off-cuts.
Maintenance cuts, also called thinning cuts, add natural dynamism to forest growth while encouraging the development of the most attractive trees by removing the most stunted trees which would otherwise hinder their growth.
Thanks to effective management of our wooded areas, French forests grow every year by 50,000 hectares and have tripled in surface area in 200 years.

Packaging issues
Expanding the use of paper, where it proves to be an environmentally friendly alternative, taking into consideration the whole process from the origin of the product to its end, and considering its second life.

Papiers Paviot thus backs the elimination of over-packaging, the substitution of flexible packaging for rigid packaging, reduced weight and thickness of packaging (in order to use fewer raw materials and produce less waste): in sum, the production of packaging which is fully respectful of the environment, biodegradable, recyclable or compostable, and the improvement of selective waste sorting. As one of the first companies in the market to have used water-based inks, Papiers Paviot remains a trail-blazer which tries to combine product performance and responsible manufacturing, because ultimately, high-performance packaging helps to reduce the use of packaging, increasing our quality of life and preserving the environment.

Developing responsible business
In addition to respecting standards, Papiers Paviot is changing its working methods and its production techniques to contribute towards a cleaner industry. After using water-based ink and starch-based glue, installing wastewater treatment facilities, rationalising energy consumption and recycling, we are continuing our efforts in industrial, social, economic and environmental fields.


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