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Global packaging concept
Thanks to the material-paper combination, consumer benefits include safety during transport, impermeability and protection against odours. Consumers can also cook the food directly inside its packaging. The user, meanwhile, receives all the combined benefits of the consumable, the material and its installation, in addition to training and after-sales service.

PACK ALPAMER©, a heat-sealable material which is combined with our White Kraft polyethylene paper, and provides our end consumers with ease of handling and high-performance safety features for transporting and preserving food products.

Our BARCOPER system a material which makes it possible to seal plastic trays containing various products quickly, reliably and impermeably. These trays can be frozen and used in water baths and microwaves.

DL SOUD ALPAMER® Machine: A procedure used by thousands of professionals and millions of consumers to ensure that the packaging, transport and storage of sea food products and their derivatives is reliable and does not risk bleeding or odour contamination. These patented materials can be used with our ALPAMER® container product, and optimise and reduce the manufacturing period for impermeable, solid packaging giving better preservation and light-resistant properties.

CARPAV Procedure : The latest in a range of patented Papiers Paviot products, allowing cardboard trays to be used in compliance with the environmentally-friendly use of natural products improving transport and above all cooking in microwaves and traditional ovens. These ALPAMER®Deli containers have been developed following years of surveys of the market and consumer behaviour.
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