Discover below our different food packaging.

At Papiers A. Paviot, we offer you a complete range of food packaging for bakery-pastry, fish shop snacking, butcher's, delicatessen, fruits & vegetables, and cheese.


Fish packaging

Explore our different ranges of patented paper and packaging for fish, seafood products and their derivatives, providing impermeability, preservation and safety when heat-sealed with our different materials.


Butcher's shop - delicatessen - caterer's shop packaging

As a manufacturer of packaging suitable for contact with food, ever since we were formed we have helped to select high-quality, technical products which improve transport and storage conditions for your products. Papiers Paviot offers you different qualities for different applications.


Cheese packaging

We offer a range of papers with different appearances and grammages, and laminates in composite materials which improve packaging and preservation, the visual appearance of your cheese products, and a whole range of labels in all sizes to match your cheeses.


Bakery-pastry packaging

With a track record in the bakery – pastry sector, we offer various papers for packaging your bread or cake boxes


Fruits and vegetables packaging

Discover our range of quality, sturdy bags for the fruits and vegetables market.


Snacking packaging

Explore our snacking range ensuring an adapted, resistant and greaseproof packaging according to the characteristics of your products.