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Barcoper ( Maxi - Mini )
(paperboard trays range)

Procedure made up of six sizes of trays which can be frozen and used in water baths and microwaves, making it safe to transport prepared products, ready meals and other products.


This is a modern concept that ensures hygiene, sealing and conservation of fresh food products. The packaging, which allows direct freezing, is also an excellent base for advertising.

DL Soude Compact

This concept makes packaging, transport and storage of seafood more reliable, avoiding any risk of leakage and odours. This equipment is used with our ALPAMER®Tube roll. They optimize and reduce the duration of sealed and solid manufacturing of packaging, ensuring improved conservation as they are heat resistant.


Classic alpamer : on a single reel, a heat-sealable laminate with our PACK 2000 and VENUS equipment.

Alpamer container : a patented ALU/KRAFT/PE laminate optimising the preparation period for impermeable, safe packaging which provides optimal preservation, and can be sealed using our PACK 2000, VENUS and DL SOUD equipment.

Pack 2000