Environment, health and safety

Papiers A. Paviot has a constant desire to move towards ever more sustainable and eco-responsible packaging.

Packaging becomes a public health issue when the paper is in contact with food. Papiers A. Paviot’s research and development is particularly attentive to issues of migration of materials between the contents and the container. Therefor we are ISO 22000 certified, guaranteeing food safety.

The environment is an obvious concern when working with a natural, biodegradable and recyclable product such as paper. This is why Papiers A. Paviot is invested in sustainable and responsible forest management (FSC and PEFC certifications).

Nos certifications

ISO 22000

Papiers A. PAVIOT is certified ISO 22000, the ISO standard relating to food safety. This standard requires a management system that meets strict requirements in terms of food safety. For our customers, this certification is expected because it is a guarantee of quality and food safety for our products which are primary packaging, and therefore intended for the packaging of foodstuffs.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

This certification guarantees that forests are managed sustainably and that the rights of forest dwellers and forest workers are respected. FSC is the world's leading certification body for responsible forest management.

PEFC: Promoting sustainable forest management

The PEFC and FSC certifications relate to sustainable forest management. These certifications assure our customers and end consumers that the paper used in our products comes from responsible sources, and that they participate by their purchase in the sustainable management of forests.